Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Tay Yong Hong (16)

A leader, to be successful, must be positive. It is essential as it sets an optimistic environment for your team mates. Moreover, a leader must be responsible in whatever he/she does. This is vital as leaders need to allow their team mates to improve. Thus, it is their responsibility to help them improve. Leaders also have to be good listeners. They must make sure they do not become bossy as to order others what to do but also listen to others opinion especially when discussing on a certain project. Communication is crucial as a leader so as to convey any messages over to the team e.g telling them what to do. 
Having the skills above is not enough. In a crisis, leaders must act fast and not hurriedly. This is crucial as not to spark chaos within the team. Even before doing this, leaders are supposed to understand the occurring situation and react  to that situation. Last but not least, if the crisis causes chaos, no one might be taking control. Leaders have to use this opportunity to take control and prevent the crisis from getting worse.

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