Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Jean Yee(3)

The traits that leaders possess are that they have to be visible to others who is woking with him/her or at work, consistent in their work, have initiative, be positive, be responsible. They also have to listen to the people they are working with, as well as recognize their hard work, communicate with them, and be fun! No one likes a dull and boring leader, right? I think that good leaders do not blow up in anger when faced with a crisis, in fact, they stay calm as ever while finding out a way that makes the crisis a win-win end. If not, they will try to make the crisis blow over, to try to soften it down. They could also try to relieve a little of the stress in the situation, until when they come to their wits' end, they will have to take more drastic measures. 

And my own experiences, and thinkings 

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